Discover the Worn By Us Difference

Discover the Worn By Us Difference

Ever wondered what happens to all those exquisite outfits once they’ve had their day in the sun—or spotlight, in some cases? Imagine if garments, instead of lying forgotten in wardrobes or ending up in landfill, could find new life with someone who would treasure them just as much, or even more. This thought isn’t just wishful thinking; it’s the foundation of Worn By Us.


Our Noble Mission to Extend the Life of Fashion

Here’s a staggering fact: only 5 to 7 percent of resaleable fashion finds its way back into circulation through resale platforms. That’s an astronomical amount of style and value left untapped, hidden away in closets! At Worn By Us, we see a golden opportunity not just in these numbers but in changing the narrative around pre-loved fashion. With an estimated 2.1 trillion dollars worth of fashion items gathering dust in wardrobes globally, our purpose becomes not merely an opportunity but a necessity.


A Trustworthy Catalyst for Sustainable Fashion

But how do we bring these invaluable pieces out of the shadows and back into fashion loops? By providing an easy and trusted service for both consumers and retailers to resell and hence reap value from their unwanted clothing. Be it your once beloved cocktail dress or that dapper suit you rocked last year, we believe every garment has a story and numerous chapters left to its life.


From Personal Journey to Community Impact: Nicola’s Story

The seed for what would bloom into Worn By Us was planted during one of the most challenging times. Following a breast cancer diagnosis, Nicola, our founder, decided to intertwine her fight with a cause that would benefit the larger community. By collecting and selling clothing donated by celebrities, she began raising much-needed funds for charity—a purpose that quickly resonated with many.


A Platform for All – Personal and Charitable Gains

Fuelled by growing interest and collective enthusiasm from people touched by her story, Nicola propelled Worn By Us into a versatile platform. It’s where individuals could entrust their cherished fashion pieces to find new owners, sometimes to continue charity support, or often to recapture some of the item’s original value. This initiative has not just been about providing a service; it’s about nurturing a movement towards sustainable fashion.


Core Commitment to Environmental Integrity

With every piece of clothing resold, we’re not only offering someone a chance to own quality fashion at a fraction of the price but also making strides in reducing the environmental impact. Our commitment pivots on a pivotal core principle: keep clothing in circulation until the end of its lifespan. This approach plays a crucial role in lesser dependency on the relentless production of new garments—a significant shift towards mitigating the fashion industry’s historically heavy environmental toll.


More Than Just a Resale Service

Today, Worn By Us spans beyond just individual resales. We have woven robust partnerships with brands and retailers, creating a symbiotic network that benefits all parties involved. Our platform doesn’t just offer a second life to clothes; it builds a community that thrives on reciprocal sustainability and style.


We Care for the Clothes—and You!

When you choose Worn By Us, you’re not just opting for a service. You’re selecting a care system. Every item we process is given the treatment worthy of its calibre—from the meticulous selection to ensure quality standards to the storytelling that accompanies each piece, shedding light on its unique journey and potential.


Join Us in this Fashion Revolution

Are you ready to dive into a world where fashion is not just worn but cherished anew? Whether you’re looking to declutter your wardrobe responsibly, find unique fashion pieces without the hefty tag, or simply become part of a community that values sustainability as much as style, Worn By Us is your go-to platform. Together, let’s redefine fashion’s lifecycle and create a legacy of meaningful wearing. Explore our selection, join the cause, or simply spread the word. Every action counts in our collective journey towards sustainable fashion for a healthier planet.


Start your journey today with Worn By Us—where fashion gets a second chance, and so does our planet.